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Courses(course introduction)

1.Academic Focus and Practical Applications

Through strategic university-industry alliances, the department offers travel to industry locations, hands-on internships (100% field work at 46 institutions), and numerous interdisciplinary credit programs, including training for professional certifications. This department dedicates itself to equipping students for their career search and the future application of their skills.   


2.Comprehensive Education Through the Use of Information Technology

The department offers comprehensive instruction through the use of information technology. The course is designed to accompany the department’s specific space and training software so that students can learn in a game-like atmosphere, advancing in alignment with industry standards.


3. Mentorship: Specialized Guidance

Each instructor in the department mentors four to five students, guiding them in special-topic research, abiding by the educational principle of learning by doing. Before all students graduate they must participate in academic contests. Students are actively encouraged to participate in every kind of discussion forum and contest.


4. A Strong Interdisciplinary Major

  Students who attend this department have dual specialization in health service and administration, which provides a strong basis in both information analysis and technology along with creative courses in marketing. The department encourages students to pursue a dual degree. In the future, such students will become the most competitive applicants in the job market.