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Learning resources

The department has plentiful equipment, resources, and software. We have VBR/VBM, BOSS, CRM, SPSS, NVivo, SamplePower, Health Information Systems (HIS), healthcare systems, administrative decision-making software (e.g. AnswerTree, PowerChoice, VEMSIM), and SmartViewer Internet search tools as well as other specialized software. As for hardware, in addition to furnishing classrooms with complete professional multimedia capacities and digital educational equipment, we also have a Health Services Administration Center, a Medical Administration Simulation Laboratory, special-topic discussion rooms, a Center for Independent Study, a Library Conference Room, discussion rooms, and other exclusive spaces. Our department has increased opportunities for students to apply their knowledge by providing an atmosphere that is conducive to hands-on experience in the health industry and through simulating a competitive entrepreneurial and industrial environment. Our department trains students to become excellent, well-rounded health industry management professionals.